Baby in a Basket de Helen R. Myers | PDF | 978-1459280069

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Daddy Knows Last

Five connected novels about love, marriage-and Daddy's unexpected need for a baby carriage!


There was a baby in a basket on Mitch McCord's doorstep-with a note claiming the child was his! His daughter or not, the cooing infant needed him. But what did a confirmed bachelor know about changing diapers? Looks like he needed his best friend's help-again.

Next-door neighbor Jenny Stevens had always loved Mitch, but he'd never noticed her-until now. Suddenly they were sharing smiles, in awe over baby Mary's tiny fingers, and whispering long into the night. But then the whispers led to kisses…. And somehow Jenny had to convince Mitch she could be the perfect Mrs. and Mommy McCord.

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